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Slash Commands

Freebee uses slash commands exculsively for ease of use! All commands and command options include detailed descriptions!

Reliable & Great Uptime

Freebee is blazing fast and optimized. You can count on Freebee to do the job!

24/7 Support

Found a bug or having an issue with the bot? Hop onto our support server!



Change the look and feel of giveaway embed and messages (including DM messages) to match better your server style!


Add multiple requirements! Supports Amari, required roles and many more!


Create timers that can ping and notify upon ending.


Hassle-free Giveaways

No more trying to remember command syntaxes with our detailed slash commands!

[demo] /gstart

Convenient Default Settings

Requirements & Pings

With Freebee, you can set which roles to ping after the giveaway for a particular channel! You can also add required roles, bypass roles, blacklisted roles and bonus roles per-channel!

[demo] /settings channel